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After a long time of product research and development, Nail Addikts highly anticipated gel line is finally here! 

Nail Addikts Pro Color

What to Love:
  • No shrinking or bleeding out: Work in confidence without worrying about gel color shrinking back from the cuticle and sides of the nail. Work with less stress knowing that art designs will hold and look exactly as painted until ready for curing.
  • High color pay off: Save time and money by only applying 1-2 coats of gel color for MOST colors. Some colors may require 3 coats based on personal preference of desired outcome and polish application.
  • Smooth formula: Gels are rich & creamy which allow for smooth application
Important Info:
  • Soak Off Formula
  • 15ML - .5FL OZ
  • 30-60 seconds LED / 2 minutes UV (Curing time depends on application and lamp)
  • For smoothest finish, allow gel to self-level prior to curing
  • *Color Accuracy: We try our BEST to display colors accurately. However, due to different screens and monitors, color tones & brightness/darkness levels can differ. Colors can also seem different based on model skin tone. 100% color accuracy is impossible to display. Take this into consideration when purchasing. Purchase of our products acknowledges that you have read and understood these terms & conditions.

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